Olivier Wittmann: Chief Financial Officer

Olivier Wittmann is the Chief Financial Officer of Millissime, and oversees business administration, warehousing, sampling and operations for the company. Having helped found wine importer Fruit of the Vine in 1994, he became General Manager of the Bubble Lounge, New York’s first Champagne bar, and helped to launch the bar’s San Francisco outpost. He subsequently established his own restaurant consulting firm in 1997, assisting owners and managers build staff and operations. After catching the eye of client Missoni, he helped them build their new showroom and restaurant on Madison Avenue before becoming Director of Operations. He joined his wife Pamela at Millissime PR in 2003, while staring his own project: Millissime, Inc., an importing and distributing company of fine culinary products. He continues to import and distribute high-end oils, vinegars, spices and other specialty food items from all over the world, while continually scouting for new products, which he also sells directly through epicurepantry.com. He now also offers a fulfillment and logistics platform for foreign food companies in Long Island City.